After over a year of pandemic problems, most people are looking for any way to boost mental health. Have you considered participating in a charitable event or charity race in New Jersey? If not, you definitely should! Giving to others gives back to yourself automatically. Here are 4 ways it works!

1. Defeat depression with action! Physical activity is a great tool to combat the depression—so get physical and sign up for a dragon boat race or charity race this summer! You’ll be so busy training, practicing, and racing, that you’ll get at least the minimum amount of exercise recommended each day. Fun fact: 30 minutes of vigorous energy, 5 days per week, works about as well as a typical antidepressant medication to combat moderate depression.

2. Smile with sunlight. Sunlight boosts your mood and lets in Vitamin D, keeping you energized and positive all day. If you come in first place, you’ll have something even more exciting to smile about!

3. Beat boredom with a purpose. Boredom can lead to dwelling on the past, worrying about the future, and feeling useless. Erase that boredom and find your purpose—at least for a while! When you register for the Dragon Boat Race, or sign up to volunteer at the Sparta Dragon Boat Festival, you’ll have a purpose and something productive to occupy your mind.

4. Annihilate anxiety with genuine connection. So many people are feeling anxious these days, worsened by long periods of isolation! How can you fight back? With genuine connection to a higher purpose. When you sign up for a charitable event in NJ, like the Sparta Dragon Boat race, you will have made a positive commitment to your community just by registering. When you continue to participate and get to know your team, you can build valuable friendships and social connections. When you come back next year, you can mentor a new participant!

Ready to boost your mental health and help students in Sparta succeed educationally? Then sign up for a great charity event like the Sparta Dragon Boat Festival! All proceeds support the Sparta Education Foundation, providing educational grants to the Sparta Public Schools.