Our Festival Information

Festival Information

Festival Information

Event Name: Dragon Boat Festival
Date/Time: Ceremony kicks off at 8:30 am, and the first heat begins at approximately 8:50 am.
Location: Beach One, Lake Mohawk, Sparta
Cost: $75/per person; youth pricing for 18 and under is $60

All dragon boats, gear (including paddles, life jackets) and instruction from professional coaches are provided for teams by our race producer.

Participation does not require great strength or any specific athletic skills other than the ability to have fun. We are anticipating a tremendous turnout this year so don’t delay, get registered!

Inclement Conditions/Weather Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately, no refunds or credits take place for cancellations of all or part of an event due to weather. These occurrences are rare but do happen. The policy toward weather impacting an event is as follows:

  1. NO racing will take place if there is lightning, or during
    high winds.
  2. Racing DOES take place under rain conditions.
  3. Racing does not take place if the water conditions cause a significant risk to participants on the water, due to wind or other potential external factors.

Dragon Den Set-up

Check-in starts at 6:30 am. Please follow the directions of the volunteers when in the drop off zone. No parking or standing in the drop-off zone. Plan to drop your gear at the curb, with some of your team members and then park your car.

Festival Day

  • Each team competes in two heats in the morning. After lunch break, the top teams (usually the top 12 to 16 teams) compete again to determine the ultimate winners of the day.
  • The Festival kicks off at 8:30 with the Eye Dotting ceremony –this ancient ceremony is meant to “Awaken the Dragon” and brings good luck to the day.
  • The first heat begins at about 8:50 am.
  • Between heats, teams have time to relax and socialize on the grassy area just off the boardwalk of Lake Mohawk (the “Dragon’s Den”). Each team is allocated an area where they can set up a tent, and chairs. You are welcome to bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks or you can pre-order food from the Lake Mohawk Country Club.


Below is a list of available parking lots on race day. Please pay attention to posted signs and do not park where prohibited.

  • Lake Mohawk Country Club parking lot on West Shore Trail
  • Mohawk Avenue School at 18 Mohawk Ave
  • Coldwell Banker or Theatre Centre on Woodport Road

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